About our Coalition

We are St. Johns neighbors. We are renters, houseless neighbors, and homeowners. We are business owners, workers, and unemployed. We are kids, parents, family members, and educators of children. 

We are a grass roots group of neighbors coming together in support of the transitional tiny-home village under construction on property of the St Johns Church (formerly St Johns Christian Church), in partnership with the Joint Office of Homeless Services and Do Good Multnomah.  Do Good Multnomah will provide on-site services and support for the village.  

Our group will be working closely with Do Good Multnomah to volunteer, organize events, provide support, and be welcoming neighbors to the new transitional tiny-home village in St. Johns currently under construction and set for a grand opening in early 2021. 

Want to get involved and help out? Join our group by signing our letter of support and joining our private FB group at: St Johns Welcomes the Village PDX  
If you have questions about our group, please message us through FB or 
 at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed information please click here for information from the Joint Office of Homeless Services
For  more details about Do Good Multnomah and the services they provide, please click here

What is a Village as a housing model?

Government-supported Villages offer a mid-term, transitional form of housing where residents live temporarily to find stability while pursuing opportunities for permanent housing. Village living provides opportunities for leadership, mentoring and self-determination, and autonomy, as residents work toward independence. A village does not resemble, look like or function like an unsanctioned campsite.

Villages have up to 20 individual tiny homes offering a locking door and enough space for a bed and storage. The village will be connected to local utilities (water, sewer, electricity) and include common spaces, shared bathrooms/showers, a kitchen, security fencing, landscaping, and garbage service.

Where will a village be located?

The Joint Office of Homeless Services is working to locate a secure, professionally designed village on land leased from St. Johns Church (formerly St Johns Christian Church (SJCC)) on N. Richmond.

This location in St. Johns is centralized and close to more transit options, food, health services, community support, and the library.

Who will live in the village? How will the village operate?

As a transitional sheltering service, this village will operate via reservations only, serving single adults and couples, with only one person per pod. There will be no children (under 18) and no walk-up services.

Some residents from a separate village-style community, Hazelnut Grove, may choose to participate in this new, structured program and would make up some of the first group in the new village. But people experiencing homelessness in St. Johns will be offered priority access to fill remaining opportunities, and then fill spots that open when residents move forward to permanent housing. Learn more about Hazelnut Grove here.

Participants will commit to participation agreements that set village expectations, and expectations for village residents interacting with the larger St. Johns community. Anyone unwilling or unable to abide by these agreements will not be able to stay at the site. Drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs will not be permitted at the village.

How will the village be managed?

The Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) will hold the lease with the St Johns Church and will contract with Do Good Multnomah as a service provider. The Joint Office, which is overseen by the Mayor and County Chair, will retain ultimate oversight over, and responsibility for, the success of the village.

Do Good Multnomah will serve as a property manager and service provider, providing on-site management 7 days/week (daytime hours) with a 24 hour contact line for emergencies. They will screen new residents, manage the village, provide on-site social services, housing support, and ensure village safety.

SJC will remain as the land owner/landlord and village neighbor, but will have no management authority or formal responsibilities with the village. 

What is the estimated timeline for this village?

Summer 2020: Design phase
Fall 2020: Break ground, village construction/tiny home delivery in December 2020
Early 2021: Village opens

How can neighbors help and get involved?

A group of supportive neighbors called “St. Johns Welcomes the Village” is creating opportunities for engagement along multiple fronts. To learn more, join our private FB group here, or contact us at [email protected].

For more information and detailed FAQ, please go to: ahomeforeveryone.net/stjohnsvillage.

For additional questions, please contact Denis Theriault with the Joint Office of Homeless services at [email protected].